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Your Pregnancy At Week 18

As pregnancy develops day by day, expectant mothers are curious as to what exactly is happening to their baby in the womb and how well the baby is doing. At week 18, there are some features that are developed prominently to the excitement of the mother. What those features are and also what ways the mother is reacting to the developing pregnancy are discussed in the article below. You can also scroll down to watch a descriptive video of what goes on at week 18 :

Welcome to your 18th week of pregnancy! Baby is growing quickly and moving around a lot. As your belly grows, it’s time to ensure that you’re sleeping on your side to help maximize blood flow. As baby grows, he presses on the large veins in the back of your abdomen, reducing blood flow to your heart when you lay on your back. You might find yourself feeling a little lightheaded or suffering from low blood pressure from sleeping on your back. See our article on sleeping during pregnancy.

18 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

You’re really starting to feel pregnant, now, and you’re really starting to look it, too. You may start to experience backaches, swollen feet and varicose veins. All of these are the result of the pressure baby puts on your body, but they are nothing to be alarmed about, unless swelling becomes very severe very rapidly.
Use natural methods to remedy your ailments. Put your feet up as often as possible to relieve swelling. Walking may relieve backaches, as will getting enough rest. You may also be having leg cramps. Sometimes these are the result of dehydration, so be sure you’re drinking enough liquids. Your body uses a lot of fluid during pregnancy, so you need to drink more.

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