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Your Do's and Don'ts Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Having regular exercise during pregnancy makes a woman and her baby healthier. but there are certain limitations to the kind of exercise to engage upon in order not to get overstretched. While you are pregnant, you are eating for 2 people and therefore must eat well nourished foods to serve your baby with required nutrients for normal growth.The article below gives you the right directions and edge over what you can and cannot do to sustain a healthy and vibrant pregnancy. Please take time to read . Enjoy .

Being pregnant gives you freedom or opportunity to eat whatever you want because you are now eating for two, right? Well it is wrong, because a pregnant can eat whatever she want but it must be healthier to nourish her growing baby. Eating for two or sometimes just because of cravings, women eat so much unhealthy food which results in excessive weight gain and may create complications in pregnancy. In addition pregnancy is not the right time for vanity which is certainly liberating, but it is still necessary to exercise while you are pregnant.
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Working out during pregnancy is not always easy and still most of the women can continue working while pregnant, however it might present some challenges at the workplace. Even if you are not working, you can still begin or join a gentle fitness program that keeps you fit and strengthen your body for healthier pregnancy. Diligently exercising during pregnancy frequently has an easier labor and delivery and also helps out for faster recovery.
A mom-to-be watching her calorie intake, should also make exercise a part of her regular routine and if you are going to start it now, take a look on some do’s and don’ts of exercising while pregnant for healthier pregnancy.
Do’s :
• Firstly before starting exercise, get permission from your GP or OB. Even it is good to start, but if you have any health issue like high blood pressure or diabetes, you need to take some precautions.
• To maintain healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, aerobics exercise is a wonderful way, while walking, brisk running and swimming can also be great options for mom-to-be.
• If you experience dizziness, pain, headache or fatigue during exercise or after that, stop it immediately and call your midwife.
Don’ts :
• Never push through pain, especially pelvic or abdominal pain.
• Avoid contact and impact sports as you need to provide a level of safety to your growing baby.
• Stay away from activities that require balance, because your center of gravity isn’t what it used to be like in biking and skiing.

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