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Woman With Fake Pregnancy Arrested By Police

Have you ever heard of A woman who uses Doll as a baby ? She lied and claimed to be pregnant in order to attract gifts from friends and relations. Check out the rest of the story ……

So, this woman has always been known to be a compulsive liar but never this extreme. A few months ago she started telling people she was pregnant, (she faked this because she just wanted the money/gifts you get when having a child). She had a fake bump. When the baby was “due” she got the boat over to England to have it on her own, for no reason, and started telling people the baby is having heart problems. When she realized that if this fake child was going to “die” there would have to be some kind of funeral, so that was out of the question as there was no baby! She posted a picture on Facebook, that wasn’t very clear, saying this was her child, after a bit of search on the internet it was clear she had simply used the picture of one of them life life dolls you can get now. So roll on 9 days or so, and reports are on the news that a woman and baby have fallen overboard on the ferry and the mother has been found but the 9 day old baby is lost in the sea. Police, coastguards, volunteers are all out trying to find this baby. The search was called off after people found out it was her, and she has now been arrested for wasting police time. I am completely shocked that someoFake Pregnancyne would cause so much distress, for the attention of others and also money.
TL;DR Woman fakes pregnancy, has “baby”. Baby falls of the ferry into the sea. She gets found out and has been arrested.
What is the lowest you have seen people stoop to for attention?
Source : SubReddit
Photo Source : Phalinn Ooi

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