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Woman Who Fell Into Unexpected Labor

Falling into labor is not what any pregnant woman can ever predict and therefore, pregnant women are all advised to get prepared with their labor packs anytime after week 29. Such was the shocking experience of an Australian woman, a mother of 6 who accidentally fell into labor while shopping in a supermarket. She couldn’t believe herself but it was real and she was given a helping hand by a Samaritan lady. At the end , she gave birth to her 7th child in one of the bathrooms in the supermarket.Get the full story below:

A Western Australian woman got a special delivery when she gave birth to her baby girl at a Coles supermarket
Agnes Achan, 35, went into labor at Perth’s Lakes Shopping Centre where a stranger helped bring her fourth daughter and seventh child, Emily, into the world.

The Yangebup woman said she got a shock when she realised what was happening.
Agnes Achan and her baby, Emily, who was delivered at a Coles supermarket in Pert.Unexpected Delivery! Woman gives birth at Coles supermarket.I didn’t know I was going to give birth that day,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.
When I started shopping I felt a little bit of pain starting but not much.
Then I went to the counter and put things up the counter and it got worse.
This was when Ms Achan knew she was going to labor and asked her friend to go to the bathroom with her.
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I told her I thought the baby was coming and she said “Are you sure?”‘ Ms Achan said with a laugh.I was like “Yes I’m not lying.”‘
With help from staff at Coles, the mother-of-seven gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 11.40am on the Tuesday. The incident happened at Lakes Shopping Centre’s Coles supermarket in Perth, Western Australia (not pictured, stock image)
One of the women who worked there named Linda took me to the staff room and held my hand throughout the birth,’ Ms Achan said. ‘There was a woman at the shops who was a midwife named Ellen – she didn’t know me and I didn’t know her – but she helped me give birth. ‘Then the ambulance arrived…the birth didn’t take long, it only took about five minutes.’ Lakes Shopping Centre’s Nick Magro said Emily’s birth was an unusual situation to happen at the supermarket.

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