Why You Should Never Leave A child In The Car During Summer

Parents are reminded not to leave their kids in the car during the summer time , Why ? Heat Strokes are obvious. Real Talk Man Sits In A Hot Car To Show Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids In The Car below:

A man in North Carolina recorded himself sitting in his closed car during a summer day, and it’s clear from the first image that the heat is nearly unbearable.

Although it was only around 90° outside, it’s estimated that the interior temperature could have easily been upwards of 130°.

After the outrage over the Justin Ross Harris case, parents are now more than ever advocating the safety of children.

On average, 38 kids die from heatstroke in a car per year. 51% of those deaths are caused by them being “forgotten.” Twelve children have already died in 2014.

Source : Buzz Feeds

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