Why Yelling At Your Kids ?

Parents do not need to yell at kids for whatever reason but should endeavor to be corrective in any situation of misdeeds by their kids. sometimes also punitive measures being taken on kids are not corrective as well. The article below shares the story of a woman who indulge in yelling at her kids for any kind of wrongs they committed and soon find out that the time is ripe for her to have a change of attitude which took her 365 days. That was done and things changed for the better within the family:

Hi, my name is “The Orange Rhino” and I yell at my kids. Actually, I should say that I used to yell at my kids. All the time.  For whining, fighting with each other, leaving toys out, not listening to me, refusing to get in the bath…the list could go on and on.
Angry mom
I used to yell at them for what now seems like just about everything and anything. I yelled for supposedly legitimate reasons:  “Seriously, you colored on the walls, again?!”  And I yelled for not so good reasons (after all, spilled milk is just spilled milk). Sometimes I’d catch myself before the yelling got out of control.  And sometimes…well, sometimes I didn’t.
One particularly hard morning, our handyman caught me out-of-control-screaming at my four boys. We’re talking red-in-the-face, body-shaking, full-on screaming! I was mortified.  But it was a life changing moment; it caused me to do some serious soul searching.  I could no longer accept that yelling at my kids wasn’t a problem. I could no longer accept all the excuses about why I couldn’t change: I’m too tired; I don’t have the time; nothing else will work.  And I could no longer accept that my kids were starting to think of me as a screaming, mean scary mother instead of the loving, patient and firm-but-kind mother I knew I could be.
So I decided to change. I made it my mission to go 365 days straight without yelling at my boys. And I did!

To read more about the reason why there was a change of attitude from the mom yelling at her kids and what she did later on, check from the article source below :
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