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Warm Up Exercises Before Workout

Ideally, there are some pre – exercises you need to do before the regular work out. Obviously , this is to energize your muscle and prepare your body for stress free exercise and warm you up to gladden your muscles for easy contractions. Scroll down to watch the video below to see the demonstrations of these exercises:

We’ve all been there after a workout: sore body parts, muscle aches and an inability to walk up the stairs at a regular pace the next morning. But when you skip or skim through warm-up exercises, it only hurts that much more.
“Warm ups gradually increase the heart rate, therefore increasing blood flow throughout the body and into the muscles,” says personal trainer and fitness expert Mike Donavanik. “It primes the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments for the activity ahead and prevents injury.”
stretch exercise
But what if you’re not working out that hard, is it OK to skip it? Donavanik says if you are doing steady cardio, it may be OK to skip out on a warm up. Similar to running, if you’re gradually working up to a faster pace, the jog is considered the warm up.
It may also be a good idea to focus on warm ups that enhance the exercise. For example, if you want to work out the legs, it would be best to do a lower body specific warm up, Donavanik says.
And although you may already be used to stretching out your arms, legs and body (for example, by touching your toes), to start your workout, Donavanik says they may actually be counter-productive.
Workout Dovanick
“When working out, your muscles need to contract as powerfully as possible — by statically stretching beforehand, you place your muscles in a stretched state and inhibit the muscles’ ability to contract as quickly and intensely.”

To view more of the pre exercises before regular workout, check the source article below :
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