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Steps To Avoid A Caesarian C- Section

Are you over 40? It’s true that women over 40 have a 40% chance of having C-Sections, and it is exhausting and demoralizing to struggle through a prolonged labor only to end up in the operating room having a C-Section.  BUT did you know that you can hugely increase your chances of being part of the 60% of over-40 year olds who have normal vaginal births?  That’s right. Most women over 40 do not need a caesarean, and can avoid having one.
Avoiding a C-Section: What every pregnant woman needs to know.  You can significantly reduce your chances of having a C-Section by informed choice of a caregiver and birth place.  Here’s how:
1. Exercise moderately during pregnancy.  Sedentary women are 4x as likely to deliver via caesarean section as women who did aerobics during the first or second trimester.

2. Find a caregiver who has a low C-Section rate and is experienced with successful VBACs.  This is true even if you don’t need a VBAC, because it means your caregiver doesn’t default to caesareans.
3. Find a caregiver who will give you all the time you need, rather than rushing your delivery because of staffing issues.
4. Ask your caregiver what she does if your baby is in a breech position in late pregnancy.  You want to hear that she is experienced with turning babies and always tries that before scheduling a C-Section.
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