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Steps To Avoid A Caesarian C- Section

Luckily, most C-Sections are not actually medically necessary.  85% of all pregnancies are normal and low-risk, and absolutely do not warrant C-Sections.  In fact, there is absolutely no medical evidence that a caesarean is necessary just because you had one last time, or because you’re over 40.   Even with a multiple birth a C-Section is often more dangerous than a vaginal birth.
Most importantly, do you know that you can tremendously reduce your risk of C-section by picking a care-giver who uses certain kinds of birth practices?
VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean) If you had a C-Section last time, you can still have a Vaginal Birth this time.  Do you know the most decisive factor in whether a woman can successfully have a VBAC ? Age.  But not the age of the mom, or the term of the baby.  The age of the doctor!
More on how to avoid a C- Section below:

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