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Steps To Avoid A Caesarian C- Section

Sometimes if your baby is breech and can’t be turned, or in some cases with twins, a caesarean tremendously lowers the risk to your baby.  If you and your health care adviser have decided that a C-Section is warranted for safety reasons, you’ll be scheduling it.  Obviously, you’ll want to choose a care-giver who’s very experienced with C-Sections and a hospital with an excellent record.

What Is C- Section And what you Should Be Aware Of:

1. Are major abdominal surgery with all the attendant pain and possible complications in the following weeks, just when you want to enjoy your new baby?
2. Increase your risk of hemorrhage and infection?
3. Result in a uterine scar and internal adhesions (scarring) that can cause pain and complications for years?
4. Increase your chances of later ectopic pregnancy and difficulty conceiving?
5. Increase your baby’s chances of having asthma later in life?
If you really need a C-Section, they are a miraculous life-saver.  If you don’t, it’s best to avoid it.Learn how you reduce or totally eliminate the risks of having one the next page .

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