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Sources Of Healthy Fruits For Your Baby

Discover the various ways to getting your baby to eat different kinds of fruits to make them healthy. This is necessary for them after they hit the 6 months mark to start eating solid foods. Find out below :

Whether you decide to start your baby on cereal and purees, or follow a baby-led weaning approach like I did with my daughter, starting solids is a huge and exciting milestone. I couldn’t wait for her to hit the 6-month mark so I could welcome her to the wide world of food — but I was soon very surprised to learn just how strong willed she was when it came to what went into her mouth. A year and a half later, she’s still fiercely independent, but she does eat plenty of healthful foods, including kale chips, roasted beets, raw green beans, every kind of melon, and plums. Sure, we still get stuck in a food rut now and then, but there are a few simple reminders that I turn to for perspective. So if you’re like me and find yourself stressing about what’s making it into your child’s tummy—and how much good food is landing on the floor and the high chair — I hope that these simple tips will help.

Sources Of Healthy Fruits For Your Baby

Eat a variety of the good stuff yourself. You can be certain that your child will model your behavior in more ways than you can possibly expect—and often when you least expect it. I never thought that my daughter would love beets or kale chips as much as she does, or that she’d enjoy munching on raw green beans as much as I do. I’ve found that the more she’s seen us enjoying a range of produce at the table, the more likely she is to try things for herself. Here’s an easy rule that I try to follow: Buy one thing from the produce department each week that you didn’t the week before. I usually look to what’s on sale to help me make this resolution stick.

Make sure that the food tastes good! This one sounds so basic, but it can be an easy thing to forget when you and your baby aren’t always eating the same thing. So if you aren’t in the habit of regularly tasting the food that you serve to your baby, you should really start—it’s the only way to know if it’s yummy (or not). Once I started to taste the baby food I made before I fed it to my daughter, I realized that I needed to make things more flavorful. My girl liked a little fresh mint or parsley with peas and green beans, butter with carrots, cinnamon with pears or apples, and a little Parmesan with broccoli.

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