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Saving Money Buying Maternity Clothes

Buying maternity dresses could be somehow expensive , while some could be way very cheap. Either way, and because these dresses are extra big clothes that will get abandoned soon after pregnancy, there should be a smart way to make some savings purchasing them. A pregnant woman shares her recent experience about how she saved money buying series of maternity clothes. Read more about it in the article below :

As I enter my fifth month of pregnancy with my second baby, the inevitable is happening. Fewer clothes are fitting; and for me, expensive new maternity clothes aren’t an option. It’s hard to pay $30-40 for a dress I’ll only wear for five or six months. Of course, you could wear it longer — but most moms, like myself, want to get out of maternity clothes as soon as possible.
Maternity Dress
A lot of women suggest just buying bigger or plus-size clothing, which may work for some of you — but I think these tend to make you look bigger. Also, if you buy your clothes used at Goodwill, maternity items are around the same price.
Here are a few tips for saving money on maternity clothes, which I’ll be implementing in the next few months:

Shop Consignment Sales

Most areas have a bi-annual kids consignment sale. These sales usually have one day where the majority of items can be purchased half-off. When I volunteered to help tear down my local consignment sale, I was amazed at how many maternity clothes were left. Most of it was name brand, and on half-off day, the prices were as low as the thrift store. You can bet that will be the first rack I visit at my local consignment sale this October.

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