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Safe Weight Lifting During Pregnancy

The value of weight lifting during pregnancy cannot be over emphasized. It targets major joints of your body and energizes your fetus. The end results is a healthy bouncing baby and mother. The article below justifies that…..

Strength training is safe and one of the best ways to minimize aches and pains. Weight machines are ideal, especially for gym newbies, because they control your range of motion. “During pregnancy, your joints get looser, and it’s easy to move outside of your normal range,” says Jeffreys. However, if you’re accustomed to doing free-weight exercises, you can continue.

Steer clear of any machine with a pad that presses against your belly, such as the seated row machine or abdominal machines. In addition, forgo any overhead lift, since this kind of motion can incrPregnancy Exerciseease the curve in your lower spine (aka hyperlordosis).
The strength routine below targets the muscles that are key to reducing discomfort during pregnancy.

Do 1 or 2 sets of 8 to 12 reps for each except the Plank. Choose a weight that allows you to perform the repetitions properly and comfortably. And after the first trimester, avoid any exercise done while lying on your back.

For more guides and directions about other core exercises for your body during pregnancy, check the sourceĀ  below.

Source : Fit Pregnancy

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