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Pregnancy and Depression !

When a woman gets pregnant, she passes through all kinds of emotional stresses which if not controlled can lead to depression which has negative consequences towards birth deliveries. A woman should liberate herself from evils and thoughts that can transform to depression at all cost. A grand advice is given in the article below  about how to avoid mixing depressions with pregnancy and how to avoid constant agitations and restlessness. Its for you to read and digest towards your health and that of your baby:

Reading the signs that a woman is depressed include feeling fear, sadness and worthless, feeling anxious and scared, blaming themselves, feeling tired and nervous, having trouble with setting boundaries and avoiding conflicts at all cost. Additional signs include talking about their self-doubt and despair, along with using friends, “love” and food to self-medicate themselves in their despondency.
Specific causes for depression include premenstrual problems, or the hormonal fluctuations during menstruation, that can be defined as PMS (premenstrual syndrome), irritability, fatigue, emotional reactivity and bloating. Infertility and pregnancy are also hormonal changes that can create depression in women. Though not common, postpartum depression can cause depression in women that are experiencing the “blues” of having a baby. Additionally, women experiencing menopause and peri-menopause are known to have a history of depression as well.
How Depression Is Different in Women
Many women experiencing depression can be described as being in a constantly depressed mood, along with having an overall sense of worry, guilt, and hopelessness. Many women experience a disturbance of their sleep pattern (either sleeping a lot less, or a lot more) and have a significant alteration in their appetite and weight. Some women experience a challenge to their mental acuity, finding it difficult to concentrate and experience an overall lack of energy while dealing with constant fatigue.

To learn more about how to prevent having depressed situation while being pregnant, there are interesting ideas in the article source below :
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