Parenting Your New Born – 3 SureTips

Now you have your new baby. What next ? You need to figure out how to wean your baby in such a way as to allow you space to carry out your daily tasks and assignments without affecting your baby’s developmental  tasks. Find out the gameplan to make your life a lot easier than expected in the article below:

Newborn’s Primary Developmental Tasks:
1. Learning to eat
2. Learning to sleep at night
3. Learning to handle lots of stimulation
4. Development of trust
5. Rapid physical and brain development
6. Settling into his body
baby care
Your Challenges:
1. Learning everything about your baby when he was delivered without an owner’s manual — and as soon as you figure it out, he changes!
2. Renegotiating your entire life.
3. Getting some sleep.
Your Top Priorities
1. Learning to feed your baby
2. Learning how to comfort her
3. Getting some sleep
4. Learning how to relax and enjoy the moment (Don’t sweat the small stuff  — and it’s almost all small stuff.)
5. Gaining the confidence that you really are the perfect parent for this baby!
Your Strategy:
1. Wear your baby.  She’ll cry less. You’ll be more in touch with her cues.  Babies are designed to be held.
2. Breastfeed.  He’ll be healthier, have a higher IQ, and cry less.  You’ll be happier in the middle of all that unfolded laundry.  (The hormones that get released when you nurse are similar to those released after orgasm.) Nurse on demand, not on schedule.  Get whatever advice you need to get nursing established.  As soon as your baby can handle it, nurse at night lying down, so you can doze while she nurses; you won’t be so exhausted the next day from night feedings.
3. Sleep whenever and wherever you can.  For me, the family bed was the only way to get any sleep at all.  It makes some people anxious.  There are now great options, like a baby bunk, that connect right up against your bed so you can’t roll on the baby accidentally.  Or a baby hammock positioned near your bed, which lets your baby sleep in womblike comfort right next to your bed. My advice is to read as much as you can, and then lose the guilt.  Do what works for you and your baby.

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Source : Dr Laura
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