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Nutritious Family Summer Beverage

Here is a Nutritious family Mexican beverage that is made of Berry Fresca  with Chia Seeds. Its particularly frenzy with summer tides and its an ideal refreshing drink for summer days. Learn how to make some for you and your family in pregnancy in the article below :

A traditional Mexican drink, chia frescas are a great source of sustained energy. Not to mention, they’re super refreshing on a hot summer day. Blend well to make sure all the nutrients of the chia are absorbed.
Mexican Summer Drink


•   2 cups water
•   2 tsp chia seeds
•   ½ cup chopped strawberries
•   ½ cup raspberries
•   1 tbsp fresh lime juice
•   1 tbsp raw honey or agave


1.   Mix the chia seeds and water together in a bowl.
2.   Set in the fridge to plump for 15 minutes.
3.   Remove, mix again, and combine all ingredients in a blender.
4.   Puree until well combined.
5.   Adjust the sweetness if needed.

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