Menopause In Women ! 10 Flash Solutions.

As women approaches menopause, there are a lot of unusual signs , symptoms and reactions that might seem embarrassing but worry not, there are suggested solutions. Read the solutions below :

In some places, it’s really hot outside. And for many of of us at midlife it’s really hot inside, too. We’ve rounded up fifteen hot flash remedies for you to consider during the sweaty, sticky, humid, yucky days of summer – whether you’re out in the sun or in an air conditioned office. As most menopausal women know, the heat can come no matter the weather!
Menopause Signs

  1. Women’s Health has a comprehensive list of natural or alternative treatments for menopause, as well as suggested lifestyle changes.

  2. Exert is a body spray you can apply in the morning or before bed. It helps regulate your body temperature and nip a hot flash before it hit volcanic levels. Exert will cool you down during your warmest moments. One can lasts between a month and six weeks. It’s available at pharmacies and through the Exert website.

  3. Hot Girls Pearls will keep you cool and looking chic. These oversized pearls filled with nontoxic cooling gel can be worn around your neck or wrist during a hot flash to cool your skin. 

  4. We love‘s cool pajamas! You’ve heard of “menopause pajamas,” but this pretty nightwear will be your little secret.

  5. An Iso-Cool memory foam pillow is designed to keep you cool even on the warmest nights. It has microscopic beads that absorb heat to keep both sides of the pillow the cool side of the pillow.

  6. You can use this portable Hot Flash Pillow when you’re just hanging around the house. Keep it in the freezer and use it any time you need a cold pack.

  7. This bandana hides a freezing element to keep your temperature down.

  8. We know quite a few women who swear by Remifemin. It’s a supplement of Black Cohosh, which is generally considered safe, but does have some possible side effects. Talk about it with your doctor.

  9. Meditation has been said to calm the symptoms of menopause. This DVD from Deepak Chopra and Oprah looks like a good choice.

  10. These i-cool Hot Flash Relief Cloths are cooling cloths that are portable and subtle.

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