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Man Molests and Impregnates Own Daughter (16)

As if it was a joke, the father had actually started the molestation since 2013 and this act continued Un-abated  for 3 years. Each time the father requested to sleep with his daughter and she refuses, he threatens her with cutlass and the daughter had no choice than to give in. The sad and strange aspect of it was that the Dad actually disvigined his own daughter. The ultimate was that the daughter actually gave birth to a baby on the 16th of September 2014.

A 42 year old man who allegedly impregnated his 16 year old daughter in Oyo state has been arrested by the state police command. According to Sunday Sun, the JSS 2 student was repeatedly Molested by her own father after she’d left her mum and gone to live with him. Oyo State Com­missioner of Police, Kola Sodipo said on the night she was first Molested, the father had asked the victim to UnCloth, but when she refused and attempted to escape, he threatened her with a cut­lass and then Molested her.

The 16 year old gave birth to her father’s child on September 16th. Continue…
After the act, the Molested girl reported what happened to her step mother who didn’t do anything about it. Recounting how her ordeal started and what transpired after, the victim told Sunday Sun:

“I was living with my mother until 2013 when my father asked me to come and live with him. On December 25, 2013 my father woke me up and asked me to remove my clothes but I refused. He drew a cut­lass and threatened to kill me if I didn’t do his bidding. I removed my clothes and he forcefully had s*x with me. He was the first man to sleep with me be­cause I had never had s*x before then.

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