Making Mistakes With Your Child

Because we are parents does not mean we are perfect over what our children does. in the course of parenting a child we are prone to making mistakes one way or the other and therefore the fair thing to do is to apologize, but most parents do not agree. We owe it a duty to do so as often as mistakes occur. The succeeding article below narrates in details steps to take whenever parents go on the offensive and what to do to remedy the situation. After all, no one is ever perfect.

You may have noticed that you aren’t perfect. That sometimes you aren’t the parent or the person you want to be. Sometimes you blow it.  We all do. Welcome to humanity.
Mom apologises to daughter
The bad news is that even if we’re committed to being the best parent, and best person, we can be, we will never be perfect. Life happens. We get off track. We get disconnected — from our child, our partner, our own deepest guidance. We see the other person as making our life more difficult, rather than realizing that they’re having a hard time. We feel hurt, we feel frustrated, we feel trapped. We lash out.
There’s no magic that keeps us on the right path. In fact, all relationships are a constant series of connections and disconnections, missteps and course corrections.
The good news, though, is that the journey of our life is woven from the individual steps we take every single day. The more quickly we notice those actions that are taking us in the wrong direction, the easier it is to course correct.

To read more about the specific steps to redress the mistakes often made by parents, check the source below the 3 bold steps that addresses the situation :
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