Pregnancy and childbirth

Making A Choice Of Your Hospital Or Birth Center

 Is Home Birth Safe?

If you’ve had  a low-risk, full-term pregnancy, home birth is not only as safe as a hospital birth, it leads to fewer medical interventions. True, if there are complications you’ll have to move to the hospital, but your midwife will know when that’s necessary — and it rarely is. Especially for women who had an easy first birth, and who live near a hospital if medical intervention becomes necessary, home birth with a midwife –and, always, a physician backing her up — can be a fantastic option.  If you’re considering a home birth, begin by speaking with a midwife in your area who is very experienced in delivering babies at home and asking a lot of questions. To find a midwife, including one who does Home Births, try the American College of Nurse-Midwives. For the next option . check the next page<

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