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Loving Your baby In the Womb ? Pre-Birth Attractions.

Before you were pregnant you had no idea of how a child within would consume you. Your baby-to-be is your constant companion not only in body, but also in thought. For nine months you and your baby are one- growing together and undergoing some amazing changes.
Attachment does not only start at birth, but long before and there is so much you can do in order to prepare your baby for meeting you face-to-face.

The bond between you and your baby starts the moment you know you’re pregnant. And when you feel the first stirrings of life inside you, and you realize there is something wonderful going on in there, you may start to comprehend that this is a person, separate from you and with all his or her own special qualities. Research is showing that rest, relaxation and being positive during your pregnancy are good ways to ensure that you have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.
Pre-Birth Baby
The opportunities for parents to form a relationship with the baby in the womb are significant and remarkable. This contrasts sharply with the previous view that prenates did not have the capacity to interact, remember, learn, or put meaning to their experiences. Only a decade ago, doctors typically told pregnant mothers and fathers that talking to a baby in the womb was useless and unrealistic. Now there is mounting evidence for memory and learning inutero and for communication before the stage of language.
Mothers and unborn babies who shared touch and massage during pregnancy, develop a special emotional and physical bond which will continue for life.

Belly baby love program

This program stimulates the sense of hearing and the sense of touch. This is something that you and your partner can do actively. Try to establish some time at least three times a week, where you will actively focus on stimulating your child’s sense of touch and hearing.
While in the first half of the pregnancy and not fully aware of your baby’s movements, take time out, after you have eaten, for stimulation. Once you can feel your baby’s movements, you will be more aware of the cycles of sleep that your baby has, and can take advantage of the alert stages more often.
Touching your unborn baby through abdominal massage releases feel good hormones in your body and baby gets bathed in loving, tender feelings. Your unborn knows that he is valued and wanted and loved. This is the start of building a good self-esteem.

1. Be consistent

Find a time in the day when you will not be disturbed, and where you will have privacy, peace and quiet. Try not to have any unnecessary noise around you, and play your music selections in the car, when working, or when relaxing. Don’t start something like this and then let it fizzle out. Make contact with your baby in some way every day.

2. Get comfortable and relax

Try and find time to ‘tune out’ from the rest of the world and focus only on your baby for at least 15 minutes twice a day or 30 minutes in one go.
Soften your tight muscles. Whatever is happening to you physically, emotionally and spiritually is happening to your baby as well. The right kind of environment must be created and a natural, unhurried lifestyle should be cultivated by both parents in order for the unborn to flourish and learn in the womb.

3. Play music

Play music that you find soothing and easy to release your tension to. Some days you may wish to simply talk to your baby while you massage your belly or read baby a story. Enjoy really ‘being in the moment’ as you verbalize your feelings and talk to your baby about the time ahead. Studies have shown that newborns are soothed by hearing the same stories and songs they were used to listening to in the womb.

4. Breathe for two

Calm, slow, abdominal breathing will settle you and your baby very quickly, especially if you have been dealing with normal every day stress. ‘Tune out’ of the harsh world and ‘tune in’ to your body and your baby.

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