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How To Prevent Breast Cancer !

There is growing awareness in women about how to prevent BREAST CANCER and diagnosis. Read about it in the life-script below:
Fifteen years ago, Mary Hart was at the height of her career as co-host of “Entertainment Tonight,” interviewing celebrities in her signature peppy style.
But that same year, 1998, the South Dakota native faced a family crisis: Hart’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer – the same disease that had killed her grandmother 60 years earlier.
“Not only did I never meet my maternal grandmother, but my mother barely knew her; she got sick when my mother was about 7 years old,” Hart tells Lifescript in this edited version of her exclusive interview.
But Hart’s mother was lucky. Treated with surgery only, she’s now a breast cancer survivor.
Many women aren’t as fortunate, however. About one out of every eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). One of six will die from the disease.
If you will like to hear more about the details of the Lifescript interview on the prevention and diagnosis of breast cancer as revealed by Mary Hart, check the source below :
Source :  Mary Hart

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