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How To Know If You Are Pregnant

Missing ones period is not only the symptoms of pregnancy. depending on individual nature and body psychology, some additional signs and little complications may apply. Get to know the various signs that may give you the signals of  latent pregnancy in the article below ;

Some women may feel pregnant soon after conception, while others may not experience any symptoms for some time into their pregnancy.
The symptoms below are some of those frequently reported by women as signs of pregnancy, but to be certain, the best option is to perform a Home Pregnancy Test or have your doctor perform a test to confirm pregnancy.
Sick pregnant woman
Missed period
(Amenorrhoea) This is a common sign of pregnancy but is not absolute. See your doctor or perform a home pregnancy or urine test if you have missed a period or suspect you may be pregnant. (It is possible to continue to have light periods for some months when you are pre
Morning sickness
It is possible to begin feeling nauseated as early as a few days after conception. Remember that morning sickness doesn’t just occur in the morning, it can occur any time of the day.
Sore, swollen breasts
Tender, swollen breasts is a common sign of pregnancy. Many women describe the feeling as similar to breast soreness prior to a period, only more tender.
Changed appearance of breasts
The skin around your nipples (areolas) usually darkens in colour when you are pregnant and you may notice enlarged veins on the surface of the breasts.
Extreme tiredness
Extreme fatigue is a common pregnancy symptom caused by high levels of the hormone progesterone, which has a sedative effect.
Frequent urination
(Micturition) As early as one week after conception you may find yourself feeling the need to urinate (usually only small amounts of urine) more frequently

There are other signs associated with pregnancies which are necessary for you to know and get acquainted with. Check it out from the source below.
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