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How To Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Type two diabetes is becoming an epidemic. Reversing type two requires some lifestyle changes which can be challenging. You can get  information on curing diabetes type two, including how to self motivate to make change towards unhealthy habits much easier in the succeeding article below:

There are two types of diabetes; type one is an auto-immune disease from which there is no cure. Type two is generally a disease stemming from obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. The numbers of people with type one has stayed reasonably constant over the years, however the number of people diagnosed with type two has increased exponentially.
Diabetes Patient
Type two diabetes used to be called adult onset diabetes. However due to the huge increase of younger people including young children, falling victim to the disease, this name is no longer applicable.
Diabetes type two has become a disease of epidemic proportions worldwide. However this disease appears to be more prevalent in affluent societies than in poorer ones. That really goes to show that type two diabetes is a lifestyle disease and, as such, can be addressed by a change in lifestyle.
One holistic health therapist named Wendy Owen, has become alarmed at the amount of medication been handed out to manage this type of diabetes. “There are natural ways to cure this type of diabetes. Medication is not only unnecessary but has potentially harmful side effects. What’s needed is education on how to change unhealthy habits instead”.

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