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How To Avoid Pregnancy Fatigues

While the length of tiredness varies depending on the individual, you’ll get back some of your energy during the second trimester when you go through a point in your pregnancy where it seems like you could run a marathon and not even be the least bit worn out. Here is how you can cope with pregnancy fatigues .
Listen to your body: Your body will let you know when you’re feeling exhausted. That’s what that long sigh followed by a yawn is in the middle of the day. You can start to cope with exhaustion by establishing a good sleep schedule. You may want to try developing a bedtime routine, such as taking a relaxing bath and reading a book before closing your eyes and drifting off. Always make sure that you’re getting enough rest, too. If you’re at the office and can feel the fatigue coming on, shut your office door and put your head down for a few minutes or go to an empty conference room and take a moment for yourself.
Exercise: Despite how tired you’re feeling, you should aim to get in a little bit of exercise during pregnancy. This will help you cope with fatigue because it can improve circulation in your body and increase oxygen intake. While it’s OK to sit on the couch and rest, you’ll want to at least try to get out for a walk if possible. Of course, you should always talk to your health care provider before participating in any physical activity to ensure that it’s safe for both you and the baby.
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