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Having Sex After Miscarriage ?

There are often several confusions as to the appropriate time to engage in further sexual activities by pregnant women who lost their pregnancy through miscarriages. In addition, when actually is a safe time to do so. But because miscarriages occur for different reasons from individual to individual, it might be necessary to listen to expert’s advice on the probable time to do so and when it might be safe. The article below explains it all. You can also watch the video below to learn how to go through the grievance process :

Sex after miscarriage is a very popular topic for conversation. Many people agree and disagree about whether or not it’s safe, while others debate on how long a woman should wait to resume sexual intercourse. For many women it’s an emotional debate, as sex leads to pregnancy and in recent times, pregnancy led to miscarriage. Some women can not get themselves ‘in the mood’ for sexual pleasure for weeks and months after a miscarriage. Normal recovery periods are said to last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months, regarding a woman’s emotional and physical well being. Still, many experts believe there should be some time frame when women avoid sexual intercourse, as well as the insertion of any tampons, douche, etc. after miscarrying.

When It’s Safe to Have Sex Again

In most cases, it’s safe to resume sex after a miscarriage once the miscarriage bleeding has stopped. Generally this takes two weeks, however, all women vary. You want to wait until after the bleeding stops to give your cervix time to close up. Your body goes through a physical process from the miscarriage as your cervix dilates. Sex during this period of time increases your chances of infection in the uterus. The stopped bleeding is a signal that sex is safe to resume. Some women begin spotting at the end of this cycle, however, she should still wait to have sex until all bleeding and spotting has stopped.

Waiting For Your Period

If you and your partner want to begin trying to conceive, you should wait until after your first menstrual cycle, after the miscarriage. In most cases and during a normal recovery, your first period won’t arrive until after 4 weeks or so. It takes about 3 weeks for your hormone levels to recover from the miscarriage. Some women believe that the brownish or yellowish discharge that is exiting their vagina is a sign of fertility. The opposite is true. Plus, many experts say it’s important a woman gives herself time to grieve and heal from her previous loss. Experts say a woman should take a good three months to grieve, and more importantly take three months to give her uterus lining time to get back to rebuilding itself fully each time.

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