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Having Dreams During Pregnancy

Most women are susceptible to having unpleasant dreams either about their state of survival or the figuration and the mental state of their unborn baby. Sometimes, it transcends into the  psychological alertness of their partner equally having similar dreams after sharing their unpleasant dream experience. The truth about it is that pregnant women will have some strange dreams at different trimesters. The article below will explain the psychology behind each stages of dream:

If you are having strange dreams – which may or may not include pregnancy and baby-related images – don’t worry. At this time you’re probably thinking much more about your changing body. You’re also feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement about becoming a mum. Your dreams simply reflect your concerns and worries.
If you’re worried by your dreams, talking about them with your husband, a friend or family member might help put your mind at rest.
Although it’s impossible to say what dreams you may have, some images are more likely to appear at particular stages of pregnancy. Read on to find out about some typical second trimester dreams.

Dreams about animals:

At this stage it’s common to dream of baby-like animals, such as puppies, chicks and kittens. These are frequently cuddly and cute, but sometimes they may appear threatening. It depends on how you feel about you, your husband and pregnancy. The imminent arrival of a strange new creature in your household is bound to cause a few anxieties.
Dream experts say that dreaming of friendly animals represents a good relationship between the dreamer and her instincts. You may find that the animals in your dreams develop from sea creature to land mammal, repeating the journey of our early ancestors.
At other times you may dream directly of your unborn child. Your feelings about the “dream baby” may reveal something about how you view the coming birth and motherhood at the moment.

Erotic dreams:

Sometimes you may wake up after a wild, sensuous dream about your husband or even another male acquaintance. Don’t worry, it’s quite normal.
Erotic dreams are more likely as you get larger, and tend to occur from six months onwards. Often they reflect your anxieties about your changing figure and its effect on your sex life. Of course, intercourse is more awkward during the final months of pregnancy. If you’re missing the regularity, variety or intensity of your pre-pregnancy sex life, you may compensate for it in your dreams.
Or you may be worried that you are no longer attractive as a woman. You may well be feeling irritable from sleepless nights, or feeling you have no control over your changing body shape. Erotic dreams during pregnancy simply offer comforting reassurance that you are still sexy, alluring and loveable.

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