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Discover 4 Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolates While In Pregnancy

Dark Chocolates are Healthy Munchies.  But, regardless of the speeches or colors may cause your child to gain weight but there are good reasons for you to take a bite. Discover some 4 reasons below:

You’ve probably told yourself, “No, I won’t indulge.” But we’ve got news for you – eat up!
Dark chocolate is one of the most tasty treats you can find, and now that you’re a mom-to-be, you’ve got every reason in the world to take a bite. Dark Chocolates
4 reasons to eat dark chocolate
The generous amounts of the obromine in dark chocolate will help to relax your muscles and dilate blood vessels. This chemical stimulates the heart and will give you an extra boost from all that overtime your body is putting in.
Monounsaturated fats are good for you – in moderation – so having some intake will benefit your health. The monounsaturated fat called oleic acid is found in chocolate in approximately the same amounts as what you’ll find in olive oil.
Consuming dark chocolate during pregnancy can help prevent preeclampsia, a condition that causes your blood pressure to increase rapidly and can lead to early delivery as well as other severe health issues that can sometimes be fatal. However, researchers at Yale University found that women who eat the most chocolate during pregnancy have a higher concentration of the obromine in umbilical cord blood and are least likely to develop preeclampsia.
Chocolate contains flavonoids, which contain antioxidants, and can help improve immunity. The flavonoids can also help aid your cardiovascular system. In addition to powerful flavonoids, chocolate also has iron, magnesium and other nutrients.

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