A Shitty Parent Who Needs Parenting Classes

Parenting means more than punishing a child carelessly, willfully and without regards for utter consequences.Even if a child misbehaves, does he need to go to bed without dinner ? Indeed, the parent below needs more than a Parenting classes. Get the gist in the succeeding article below :
Baby in the womb
Yesterday my 14 month old was being exceptionally bratty.  He started the day by throwing a full blown temper tantrum kicking and screaming and hitting his fists on the floor.  By evening he wasn’t much better.  He fought me leaving daycare, didn’t want to get in his car seat to go home, tried to run away and refused to listen when we were home.  He arched his back and refused to go in the high chair.  He swatted his spoon away and wouldn’t eat his cottage cheese (usually a favorite).  He threw his banana on the floor without even taking a bite (again, usually a favorite). He kept kicking us and screaming, so we put him to bed without him having any dinner.
I hope today is easier.
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