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A Miracle Baby Born !

This is indeed a miracle baby and a baby of history. Read the miracle story below:

It’s being called a holiday miracle, a baby born after his mother is torn in half during a car accident.
As many stories begin, it was a dark and snowy night in Russell County, Kentucky. A tractor-trailer, carrying a man and his fiancee was traveling down U.S. 127 near Lake Cumberland. As the truck hit a patch of ice, it jack knifed and hit an embankment. The woman, Olga Maria Nunes Bera-Cruz, who was eight months pregnant, was thrown from the truck and dragged a short distance. Her body was torn in half as she struck a road sign.
Miracle Baby
In the 15 degree weather, some neighbors rush to the scene to see what had happened. After seeing the lower half of the mother’s body, the girl also sees an umbilical cord and follows it with her eyes to spy a tiny baby. She and her mother start crying and she runs to the house to get a blanket for the baby. She said that as she picked him up he began crying.
Within five minutes of the wreck the fire department and Russell County Emergency Medical Teams were on the scene. Charles Shepherd, an EMT, saw the woman and girl holding the blanket, he found the baby inside and promptly felt for a pulse, cut the cord and took the baby into the ambulance where he administered oxygen and worked at rewarming the baby.
Baby wonder
The father, Furtado P. Boaventura, who suffered only minor injuries, was crying over his wife and baby as the fire department helped him. He was able to hold his son’s hand briefly before the baby was air lifted to Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville,KY.
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