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Emotions are valuable signals, like indicator lights on a dashboard of a car, which we often listen to whatever information we pick from that. We should strive hard to respond to either negative or positive emotions to optimize our parenting values. So the best values we can achieve at all times is not to respond to any upsetting emotions whenever we are triggered. More ideas can be obtained and digested in the article below . Enjoy :

Your child is fairly certain to act like a child, which means someone who is still learning, has different priorities than you do, and can’t always manage her feelings or actions.  Her childish behavior is guaranteed, at times, to push your buttons. The problem is when we begin acting like a child, too. Someone has to act like a grown-up, if we want our child to learn how! If, instead, we can stay mindful—meaning we notice our emotions and let them pass without acting on them—we model emotional regulation, and our children learn from watching us.
There’s a reason the airlines tell us to put on our own oxygen masks first.  Kids can’t reach those masks or be relied on to use them properly.  If we lose function, our kids can’t save us, or themselves. So even if we would sacrifice ourselves to save our kids, it’s our responsibility to put on our own masks first.
Kids can’t manage their own rage by themselves, either.  They can’t find their way through the tangle of jealousy that pushes them to whack their little sister. They need our help to handle the fear that we don’t love them because they somehow just aren’t quite good enough. They know that if they were good enough, they wouldn’t want to hit their sister, or sneak that piece of candy, or throw themselves down on the floor and scream. But they can’t help themselves, however hard they try not to.  (Sort of like when we eat that extra piece of cake.)
So just as with the oxygen mask, it’s your job to help your child with his emotions, which is what helps him with his behavior.  Unfortunately, when you’re stressed out, exhausted, and running on empty, you can’t be there constructively for your child, any more than if you black out on the plane.

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