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5 Halloween Model Costumes For Expectant Mothers

Being pregnant on Halloween has its perks (like having an excuse to eat a boatload of candy). But it can also pose some challenges when it comes to picking out a costume. If you’re feeling limited in your options, worry no more! Here are some fiveĀ  creative costumes for expectant mothers. Scroll further down for more images

1. Painted Bellies

This is one of the favorite costumes of many expecting moms as their growing bellies look adorable when they are painted in a variety of different themes. While the classic pumpkin is always a hit, moms can work their creativity and dress up their bump as a baseball, globe or even a mural of favorite cartoon characters. If you enjoy art, it’s a fun homemade Halloween costume.

2. Pregnant Prom Queen

This costume puts a fresh spin on an old classic. In order to create the look of a pregnant prom queen, all that is needed is a formal maternity gown. Then, the costume can be finished off with dramatic makeup and an evening hairstyle. Additionally, a sash can be added to let everyone know that there is a prom queen in their midst. In addition, it’s an easy last minute Halloween costume.

3. Expectant Cheerleader

Many costume shops carry maternity cheer leading uniforms. However, this costume can also be made by using an old cheer leading uniform that puts the growing belly on display. Just like the prom queen, this costume is sure to draw some knowing giggles

4. Knocked Up Bride

Show off that bump with pride by dressing as a shotgun wedding bride. No formal gown is needed for this costume as trashier is better for depicting a thrown together wedding, which makes for a cheap Halloween costume. A simple white dress or tank top and shorts can be worn as long as a veil makes it clear that the bride is also a mother-to-be.

5. Naughty Nun

A naughty nun costume makes it clear that even the chaste can carry a big surprise. This is a popular option in costume shops as the loose and flowing habits are often one-size fits all. For an expectant mom, comfort combined with a fun idea is a winning combination.
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