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4 Things Not To Pack In Your Labour Bag

There are certain things you don’t need anymore while preparing your labor bag for delivery nowadays. Because you don’t actually need them for real. Get the tips below:

Packing your hospital bag is something that most people spend a lot of time thinking about. The problem is that many of the packing lists available are actually very outdated and still include items that you don’t need for your birth. Here are five things you shouldn’t pack for labor:
Preparing Your Labor Bag

  • Multiple Baby Outfits Your baby will spend a lot of time wearing next to nothing for that skin to skin time and wearing a tiny t-shirt provided by your hospital. You will need to bring an outfit for going home and any outfits that you need for the official hospital photos.

  • Jewelry In addition to the swelling that many women have after birth making it difficult to wear jewelry, there is simply no need for it. You may also find it easily lost or stolen in the hospital.

  • Coat Given the fact that you’re dropped off at one door and picked up at another… there is little room for a coat. A coat can take up a lot of space in a usually cramped room anyway.

  • Games, Videos and the Like. While it seems like you might have a lot of down time once your baby is born, the truth is there is very little time for watching videos, playing games, etc. Worst case scenario most hospitals offer both television and many have a video library of baby care topics.

There are a few other items that fall into this category for some women and yet others swear that they are indispensable. For those items, pleaseĀ  Check the source below :
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