4 Proven Ways To Give Your Baby Sound Sleep

Most babies interrupt mother’s sleep often during midnights when they should be sleeping. Either crying to suck breast or still adapting to the mother’s womb like they swap the days for the nights. However , mothers like babies need complete sleep overnight even just for 5 hours at least. There are strategies to achieve that goal and the article below gave out all the gimmicks. Read and try, it works.

Just like us, babies are individuals – and this goes for sleep requirements too. It may help (or not, if you are suffering from sleep deprivation) to realize that in most infant sleep studies, ‘all night’ is defined as five hours. If you are thinking that even five hours uninterrupted sleep would be a dream come true, there are some gentle strategies you can try to help your baby (and you) to sleep better.

1. Learn Tired Signs

None of us like being kept awake when we are craving sleep, so rather than waiting until your baby is ‘past it’, put her to bed as soon as she shows sleepy signs such as becoming quiet, losing interest in people and toys, and fussing. If you miss this window of opportunity, your baby is likely to become grumpy and find it difficult to settle.
Mom and baby dead asleep

2. Introduce Bedtime Rituals

Bedtime routines can become cues that help even tiny babies wind down and become conditioned to fall asleep. From the earliest days, give her a deep, warm relaxation bath (in an adult bathtub) just before bedtime.

3. A Magic Touch

Silent nights could be at your fingertips: Research from Miami University showed that infants and toddlers who were massaged daily for one month, for 15 minutes prior to bedtime, fell asleep more easily by the end of the study. For more information, read our baby massage articles Bonding With Your Baby Through Massage, Baby Massage – A Gentle Touch and Baby Massage – Touch Me And Help Me Grow.

4. Sleepy Sounds

The calming, repetitive sounds of traditional lullabies recall the ‘womb music’ your baby heard before birth (your heartbeat, and fluids whooshing through the placenta). Baby music that incorporates elements such as the rhythm of the maternal heartbeat or ‘white noise’ has remarkable soothing effects, especially if played continuously through the night.

To read more about other 9 strategies to enable kids sleep well at night so that their moms too can enjoy sound sleep overnight, check from the article source below :
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