3 Tips For Parenting Teenagers

Teenagers can be tough to administer and be given a straight course of training nowadays, but that is not to say that parents should lack in their parenting duties. There are different approaches that can be adopted to successful parenting without tears by parents who are patient enough. A parenting expert offers several tips that she adopted for her family and shared them all in the article below .

Parenting a teenager can be an uphill battle. In addition to the problems you may have faced in your youth, a new host of issues are presented by texting, sexting, social media and cyberbullying, point out experts.
Parentin the teens

Geltman offers her “Top Ten Parenting Tips.”
• Encourage teens to think independently. Restrain yourself from being chief problem solver, so they can make good choices even when you’re not around.
• Try not to ask a zillion questions. You won’t get the answers you want anyway. Engage them in a conversation on a neutral topic before you start the interrogation.
• As uncomfortable as it may be, you have to talk about sex. Do it with honesty, and understanding, not judgment. Talk about your own experiences when you were a teen, especially those moments of which you are the least proud so that they will feel freer to share their questions and worries.
• Refrain from going on the “lecture circuit.” Model what it means to be a good person so you don’t need to tell them. They will “get it”

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