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3 Things That Can Mess Up Women Fertility

There a lot of things that pregnant women does innocently without them knowing what the after effects are upon their pregnancy.These things can cause miscarriages, hemorrhage, fatigues and even sterility which is otherwise known as infertility. There about 17 known factors that can cause infertility but 3 of them are enumerated below for your consumption which must be guided against at all costs. Strongly advised to stay away from all these factors to guarantee your chances of getting pregnant without stress Find out common habits that makes it difficult to conceive .

You know it takes a healthy woman (and man) to make a healthy baby. But sometimes, it can be way harder to conceive than you’d like–even if it’s the right time, with the right guy, and solid health. Turns out your fertility can be affected by many more factors than you might have thought. So, if you’re trying to get pregnant, or even if you can foresee a little you sometime in the future, it’s important to learn what (often easy!) lifestyle changes might be in stock. Ready to boost your baby-making potential? Here are 3 things that can mess with your fertility:


Artificial Nighttime Light
We know it’s bad to stare at smartphone or tablet screens at night, but these habits can mess with more than just your sleep cycle. According to research published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, artificial nighttime light exposure can harm both your ability to conceive and fetal development if you’re already pregnant. Late-night light exposure can suppress melatonin production, the “sleep hormone,” that’s also produced in the reproductive tract and blocks eggs from damaging free radicals, particularly during ovulation. Insufficient melatonin production can also disrupt a developing fetus’ internal clock, resulting in long-term problems, researchers suggest.

Junk Food
If you’re not consuming the right nutrients (think monounsaturated fats, zinc, vitamin D, and B6), you could be disrupting your body’s regulation of critical reproductive hormones like progesterone, insulin, and testosterone. Pick up these 5 healthy foods on your next grocery trip to boost your body’s baby-making potential. Plus, make sure you’re eating a hefty and nutritious breakfast: Research published in Clinical Science found that consuming about half of your daily calories in the a.m. could increase your fertility.

Your Cholesterol AND His
High cholesterol won’t just harm your heart–it can also negatively impact your ability to conceive, according to a recent study in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. Researchers found that high free cholesterol in women was associated with a longer time trying to get pregnant. But get this: When both male and female partners had high cholesterol, it was even harder to get pregnant, compared to couples with normal cholesterol levels. These results held true even after adjusting for age and BMI. So, if you and your guy are hopeful for a third member, make sure both of you check those cholesterol levels stat.

There are 17 strong factors that can cause women infertility. 3 of them have been highlighted in the above article, but the remaining 14  more can be obtained from the article source below :
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