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Countless mothers and babies have regained their sleeps through helpful parenting tips . Additionally, mothers have also been able to teach their baby how to have a successful sleep at night through these parenting tips. Whatever the category of situations nursing mothers find themselves, the tips given below cannot be overemphasized in solving parent/baby conflict in child administration. Some of these tips are given in a question and answer format below.

There are many opinions for instance in regards to newborn and the use of Pacifiers to stem down persistent baby cries. The question further is, is it OK and if so , at what age can that be done ? Suggested tips below
A: All babies have a natural desire to suck and pacifiers can often be great tools to aid them. When used properly, pacifiers can help comfort a baby or simply give him the opportunity to suck when he is not actually hungry. I generally don’t recommend giving a newborn a pacifier, however, until nursing or bottle feeding is firmly established (which is approximately six weeks).
If you give your baby a pacifier before then, it can often present nipple confusion and inhibit the baby’s ability to suckle the breast or bottle properly. Also keep in mind that it should never be used as a “plug” to simply stick in your baby’s mouth every time he whimpers. Crying is how babies communicate with us to say, “I’m hungry, tired or something is bothering me!” Pacifiers are a personal choice and if you choose to use one for your baby, there is nothing wrong with it.
How can a woman help her newborn have his day and night switched ? Suggested tips below :
B, More often than not, newborns home from the hospital have their days and nights mixed up. In utero your baby slept most of her days away, with the constant rocking motion of mom’s belly walking, moving about, driving in a car, etc. At night, however, when mom was asleep, there was less movement to put the baby to sleep and he was therefore awake more of the time. After birth, your baby still has the same day/night association he had in utero and can very often still have his night and day mixed up.
Don’t worry, though, this is an easy problem to fix. Simply start by waking your newborn every few hours during the day to eat. As the days progress he will gradually become more alert between sleeping and if you’ve been consistent at waking him up during the day to eat more often than the during night, he will automatically have his longer sleep spells at night and his alert time will be during the day.

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