Pregnancy and childbirth

10 Signs Of Pregnancy And Symptoms

There are many symptoms associated with pregnancy either at early stages or close to delivery.It varies with individual and with body chemistry. Find out some of the 10 most common symptoms below:

If you’re like everyone else you’re trying to figure out what the signs of pregnancy or pregnancy symptoms are and how likely they are to mean that you are pregnant. You can ask other people, you can worry in silence, but the best thing is to read through the categories and add up the signs. The more you have the more likely you are to be pregnant. To get more of the many symptoms related to pregnancy beyond the 10 listed below, check out from the source below:
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Pregnancy Test
On the chart below are 10 of the most common signs of pregnancy and what they mean. You can also click the sign to get more information on each sign of pregnancy. The three categories of pregnancy signs are: possible, probable and positive.

Pregnancy Sign Category
Missed period Possible
Unusual or abnormal period Possible
Just “feeling” pregnant Possible
Nausea and Vomiting Possible
Changes in libido Possible
Soreness of the Breasts Possible
Enlargement of the Breasts Possible
Frequent Urination Possible
Strange Cravings Possible
Fatigue Possible

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