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Woman Gives Birth to Quintuplets In Nigeria

As the mother of four, Mrs. Ezeudenyi was caught between the mixed feelings of the gift of the four surviving out of the five quintuplets and the prospect of raising them. A business man and well known philanthropist, Chief Louis Carter Izuchukwu Onwugbenu’s (Okpata Ozuo Ora Nnewi) visit to the hospital brought her the needed succour. Chief Onwugbenu popularly known and called Louis Carter was celebrating his 61st birthday with children and friends in his house when news of the uncommon birth filtered in.
He excused his friends and quickly left to visit the mother and the new twins at the hospital where he announced the award of automatic scholarship to them up to university level within and outside the country.
Chief Onwungbenu said he was moved by pity and compassion for the poor mother and the kids, moreso, their birth coincided with his 61st birthday. He also picked up the hospital bills. Louis Carter did not stop here. He equally extended his benevolence to three patients earlier discharged from the hospital but held hostage by the hospital authorities for failure to pay the sum of about four hundred thousand naira being their total bills. Louis Carter also picked up their bills.
The beneficiaries are Uyanwa, Nkechinyere, Ikwuegbe Chizoba and Obi Uchenna.

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