Pregnancy and childbirth

What To Do With An Opps Baby !

Plan Ahead For Birth Control:
You might think I’m totally nuts for bringing up birth control while you are still pregnant, but hear me out. If you are really sure that you are done and don’t want another oops baby, consider permanent birth control. This is typically sterilization of one or more partners – e.g. a vasectomy for a man, or a tubal ligation for a woman. Some families are so sure that the man has a vasectomy right before the baby born, just to be on the safe side. If not, that can happen after the baby is born. You may also choose to have a tubal ligation after the birth of the baby or at the time of a cesarean section. Talk to your doctor or midwife about other methods of birth control, some of which are permanent, others are not.
Most of the time, the bonus baby becomes a great story to tell down the road. If you choose to tell the baby of their surprise status.
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