How Not To Get Your Child Late To School In The Morning

Even though some parents offer some choices to their kids in relation to getting them prepare well ahead of scheduled school time, the process is not going to work smoothly as expected. There are eleven tested and proven suggested solutions. Only four (4) of them are discussed in the article below which has been attributed to post from the Aha! Parenting News site :

What does a four year old need in the morning?  Well, everyone is different, but most of us need some time to make the transition from sleep into busy activity; most kids balk at feeling pushed. Most four year olds need to “do it myself.” Most four year olds want to make their own decision about when their body needs to pee.  And I’ve never met a four year old who understands why that meeting Mom has to get to is more important than whether he can find his toy car.
So what’s the answer?  In my view, the best answer is flextime (or part-time) work for both parents, so there’s more time in the morning for small humans to have a more humane start to their day.  But that’s not possible for many families.
The next best thing is to re-frame your idea of the morning routine.  What if your main job was to connect emotionally?  That way, your child would have a genuinely “full cup.” Not only would he be more ready to cooperate with you, he’d be more able to rise to the developmental challenges of his day.  How?
1. Get everyone to bed as early as possible.  If you have to wake your kids in the morning, they aren’t getting enough sleep.  Every hour of sleep less than they need sets them back a year in access to brain function, meaning they act a year younger.
2. Get yourself to bed earlier. If you have to use an alarm, you aren’t getting enough sleep. (Sorry.) The morning routine requires infinite creativity and energy from parents. Your kids depend on you to start your own day with a “full cup.” There’s no way to stay patient when you’re exhausted.
3. Build in extra time. Get up earlier than your kids so you’re dressed and emotionally centered before you interact with them. Plan on routinely getting to work fifteen minutes earlier than you’re due.  Half the time, you won’t make it but you also won’t lose your temper at your kids because you won’t actually be late.  The other half of the time, you’ll have a more relaxed start to your work day so you’ll be more effective at work.
4. Prepare the night before.  Backpacks, brief cases, lunches made, clothes laid out, coffee pot prepared, breakfast planned. Involve kids the night before too, so they choose their clothing and find that toy car.

To read more about the remaining 7 tips or suggested ways by which parents can get their kids out of the door early in the morning, check from the article source below:
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