A Shitty Parent Who Needs Parenting Classes

Parenting means more than punishing a child carelessly, willfully and without regards for utter consequences.Even if a child misbehaves, does he need to go to bed without dinner ? Indeed, the parent below needs more than a Parenting classes. Get the gist in the succeeding article below :
Baby in the womb
Yesterday my 14 month old was being exceptionally bratty.  He started the day by throwing a full blown temper tantrum kicking and screaming and hitting his fists on the floor.  By evening he wasn’t much better.  He fought me leaving daycare, didn’t want to get in his car seat to go home, tried to run away and refused to listen when we were home.  He arched his back and refused to go in the high chair.  He swatted his spoon away and wouldn’t eat his cottage cheese (usually a favorite).  He threw his banana on the floor without even taking a bite (again, usually a favorite). He kept kicking us and screaming, so we put him to bed without him having any dinner.
I hope today is easier.
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  1. Honestly i feel the way these parents handled this situation is very dumb and extremely wrong! I wouldn’t even send an older child to bed without dinner as punishment!!! And 14 months? That is a baby!!!!!!! Tantrums are a normal part of development during certain stages of a young Childs life and should not be treated really with any kind of punishment! A child that young acts out in tantrum bc they have a difficult time expressing what it is they need or want, or too much stimulation or because there is not enough stimulation! A simple firm no and directing your toddler to another activity that calms them down is the best option. They learn through being redirected that what they were doing before is not okay. Would you like to go to bed without eating? Prob not! And especially a BABYwho needs the nutrition, who is constantly growing and who can’t understand why his mommy didn’t feed him! You do stuff like this the child suffers not only physically but emotionally. They take it as with holding love. Do yourself a favor, take parenting classes! And do right by your child!!!

    1. Guess i must be shittiest of all parents then. If my kids cant use thier words they get sent to their room till they can. And since my oldest is a picky eater she goes to bed without dinner a lot cause im not making 2 dinners. The youngest is starting to do this and she gets the same treatment. We dont even go out for dinner Cause my kid is soo picky. Because of this my kids will actually try new things sometimes. It may be out of hunger but they wind up liking it once they try it. They also express themselves with less tantrums since they have a place to calm themselves down. Im mot one for dealing with tantrums cant use your words i dont wanna hear you. I even refused to take my kids grocery shopping for 2 yrs of their lives because tantrums are a no no with me. So if this makes me one of the shitty parents than so be it. Least my kids will act like they got some sense and not like a spoiled brat

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